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Gluten-free chicken schnitzel

Another Ottolenghi-inspired recipe that guiltlessly satisfies those mid-week cravings for takeaways. Why order KFC when you can make it yourself, and even better? This gluten-free take on the traditionally Austrian fried cutlet is breadcrumbed with a combination of sesame seeds, cayenne pepper and turmeric for an alluring golden appearance.

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The most festive fodmap friendly mince pies

Nothing screams 'Christmas!' more than homemade mince pies. Even better if they're gluten free and delightfully gut-friendly. Delicately buttery shortbread pastry with hints of lemon zest cutting through the sweetness of the mince filling, these mince pies would make anyone with IBS realise that Christmas is definitely NOT off the table. And the great thing is that you don't even need to roll out the pastry!

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Super simple butternut squash soup

Nothing says winter more than soup. Inspired by the lovely @lunchingfromhome Instagram account, I paired butternut squash with leeks to create this simple yet seasonal delight. Easy to whip up and all you need are two ingredients and a few spices to accentuate the comforting roasted flavour of the butternut squash.