FODMAP friendly bakes · Self-made FODMAP friendly bakes

3-ingredient pancakes

‘Pancakes can be healthy!’ is the thought that I mulled over yesterday evening as I imagined what my breakfast would be the next day. Instead of the pre-blend I would normally use, I decided to blend up some gluten-free roll oats to make for a healthier alternative.


100g ground oats

200ml oat milk

1 egg

1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Coconut spray (a couple of sprays per ladle of pancake batter)


1.) Place the ground oats, milk and egg in a mixing bowl and whisk until the batter becomes frothy.

2.) Base your frying pan with either coconut spray or a bit of lactose-free butter, and place on a medium heat. Pour a ladle of pancake batter into the frying pan, leaving the pancake to cook for 20 seconds before flipping to cook for a further 10 seconds on the other side. Repeat this process with the remaining pancake batter.

3.) Enjoy with your choice of toppings!

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