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LEON’s vegan scones with a gf twist

LEON's fast vegan cookbook has been a long-time favourite of mine. I turned to it this morning when I fancied something different, but straight forward to make, for breakfast. I tweaked the recipe in keeping with the fodmap friendly diet (however, the addition of currants is optional). Delicately savoury in taste and crumbly-textured, these scones make for a satisfyingly stodgy breakfast or an equally wholesome afternoon tea, accompanied with either sweet or savoury condiments. For an unexpected but complementary pairing, try raspberry jam with cream cheese - a personal favourite.

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3-ingredient pancakes

'Pancakes can be healthy!' is the thought that I mulled over yesterday evening as I imagined what my breakfast would be the next day. Instead of the pre-blend I would normally use, I decided to blend up some gluten-free roll oats to make for a healthier alternative. Ingredients 100g ground oats 200ml oat milk 1… Continue reading 3-ingredient pancakes