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FODMAP friendly soups: broccoli and blue cheese

As a self-professed cheese lover, the more pungent, the tastier. An acquired taste in which many of the vegetables typically harvested in March are incorporated (spring onions, spinach and broccoli), I like to enrich this earthy soup with the full-bodied flavour of blue cheese -- and it's still FODMAP friendly. Serves 6 Prep time: 10… Continue reading FODMAP friendly soups: broccoli and blue cheese

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Mustard and balsamic vinegar kale with toasted seeds

I'll preface this caption with a shout out to one of my closest friends who introduced me to the wonders of kale. Thank you. Eaten raw, I prepare the kale by massaging a balsamic vinegar dressing mixed with garlic infused oil and classic English mustard. Taking inspiration from Ottolenghi's legendary cookbook, Simple, I toast pumpkin seeds and flax seeds in a maple syrup and olive oil dressing that gives the kale additional crunch and texture. 

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Orange, saffron and walnut polenta cake

Celebrating Iranian new year naturally calls for a cake that contains saffron (OBVIOUSLY!). This year, I decided to combine the zesty flavour of orange with the mildly floral and complementary taste of saffron. I chose polenta because it’s supremely light yet substantial and – you guessed it –  already gluten free. Serves 10 Prep time:… Continue reading Orange, saffron and walnut polenta cake